An Android post for my fam

I wanted to document a few of the must-haves that I found for Android.  This is especially for Grace in GA.  If anything, it has a few comedic moments and a huge fail.  Here’s a quick video and descriptions of each feature (on the bottom right of the video, it says “Youtube”… watch it there so you can watch it high res):

(and as a note, I’m using Dash Clock which is a custom widget I downloaded… you can see it on my main screen.  Its stylish and has notifications attached to it so kind of nice)

Knock2 – App that allows you to see what types of notifications you have from the lock screen. This makes it so if you get a text or new email, you can see from the blacked out screen which app it is (mail, text, facebook, etc.) and if you give it a light swipe, you can see who specifically its from. This keeps you from having to unlock your phone for something stupid.
Google Now Launcher – Great launcher from Google with full voice support.

SwiftKey – The best keyboard app. Allows you to choose from custom keyboard layouts, change what keys are visible (like a number row) and set the size/position.

Swipe-In – App which allows you to create custom swipe zones for any number of things, so for instance I created an area right next to my volume button where if I swipe in that zone, I can change the brightness of the screen.

Gravity Screen – Sleeps your phone automatically if it is put in your pocket or bag (dark place) or if its flipped upside down (like put on a table).

Clean Master – App that can help you free memory or disk space automagically. Best part is it puts an icon down for a 1-Tap Boost which will free up memory from running apps. You can use it to clean out junk like caches. Super handy.

Twisty-Launcher – Allows you to flick your wrist to immediately go into camera mode, even in screen-lock.